Training by region


Scott Stuart’s group has IPT courses planned for October 2017 in California –

Paula Ravitz’s group  at Mt. Sinai Psychotherapy Institute (MSPI) is planning an ISIPT fundraising IPT workshop for July of 2018.  In addition, they are holding several other workshops this academic year, on “Practical Psychodynamics,” “Mindful Psychotherapy,” and “The Evidence-based Therapist”and  a workshop on Trauma with Clare Pain & Janina Fisher next spring, and an atelier on Narrative Medicine with Ron Epstein, Allan Peterkin and others planned for June of 2018: or contact Dr. Ravitz directly (

Warren Wallis is planning an 8 hour introductory IPT workshop in Albany, NY on 12/1/17.  Contact Dr. Wallis directly (

Kenneth Kobak reports the availability of  a new, on-line self-study course for IPT at


Roslyn Law and IPT trainers with IPTUK hold regular training workshops in 8 locations:

Oguz Omay is holding an IPT training workshops at La Teppe, France  with John Markowitz, Barbara Milrod & Heather Flynn to benefit ISIPT in Ocotber, 2017 or contact Dr. Omay directly (

The Swiss society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy is organizing a workshop on IPT for PTSD with John Markowitz on October the 7th 2017. For more information follow this link:


Marcelo Feijó and Euthymia Prado offer an online IPT course in Portuguese, including videos with classes and role-playing: