Online Training and Videos

Online IPSRT Training Participate in free online training in Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT).

This site supports clinicians learning and implementing IPSRT by making the following available free of charge with registration:

  • An online, 8-hour training course
  • Video interviews with IPSRT experts
  • Downloadable copies of IPSRT tracking tools and other downloadable forms and materials, including instruments for assessing symptoms of bipolar disorder.

IPT Videos Obtain IPT training videos from the “IPT To Go” books.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression by Paula Ravitz, Priya Watson and Sophie Grigoriadis.

  • How do you introduce social efforts into treatment for a condition known for its isolating effects? In this video, three seasoned therapists offer key techniques from Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) that target the most relational symptoms of depression.
  • Part of the 6-video series: Psychotherapy Essentials to Go

Theory and practice of IPT: Kenneth Kobak reports the availability of a new, on-line self-study course for IPT at Center for Telepsychology. In this course you will learn how to provide effective IPT treatment to patients with major depression.

  • This course consists of 7 modules covering the theory and practice of IPT.
  • Case studies are provided for each IPT problem area, illustrating the objectives, tasks and techniques for each of the three stages of treatment for that area.

 Are all psychotherapies equally effective? Learn about the challenges of interpreting results from psychotherapy clinical trials. The panel will discuss Prof Cuijpers’ recent paper published in Evidence-Based Mental Health which analyzed than 100 comparative outcome trials, directly comparing 2 or more psychotherapies for adult depression.

The paper examined whether these comparative trials had sufficient statistical power to detect clinically relevant differences between therapies. This research will provide the starting point for wide-ranging discussion and debate.