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IPT UNIFESP – São Paulo/ Brazil

Prof Marcelo Feijó de Mello, MD, PhD (Psychiatrist-in-chief of the Department of Psychiatry of Federal University of São Paulo, UNIFESP) is our mentor in IPT. After contact with Dr. Myrna Weissman and Dr. John Markowitz, he participated in IPT courses and completed the clinical trial on IPT for dysthymia.(de Mello, Myczcowisk, & Menezes, 2001)

Since 2005, Prof Mello organized a group of IPT supervision and training with other mental health professionals. Since 2007, he coordinated a training course at UNIFESP. In order to facilitate the access to IPT in Brazilian Portuguese, we published the IPT Brazilian manual in 2009 Psicoterapia Interpessoal: Teoria e Prática (by Aline Ferri Schoedl; Fernando Sargo Lacaz; Marcelo Feijó de Mello; Mariana Cadrobbi Pupo; Rosaly F. Braga Campanini).

Our main current activities are:

  • Introduction to IPT: online course.

  • IPT weekly supervision group. Supervision by Rosaly F. Braga and Euthymia Brandao de Almeida Prado.
  • IPT training and adaptation studies for eating disorders and for patients with schizophrenia. Conducted by Fernando Sargo Lacaz.
  • IPT research group:
  • Published articles (Campanini, 2009; Carvalho R.A., 2011; de Mello, de Jesus Mari, Bacaltchuk, Verdeli, & Neugebauer, 2005; Lacaz, Bressan, & Mello, 2005; Mello, 2004)
  • International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) collaboration: IPT group training for health providers in Rio de Janeiro slums for victims of violence (2010-2014, by Rosaly F. Braga, Aline F. Schoedl and Rodrigo de Almeida Carvalho; and IPT training for community health workers in DRC Congo for victims of sexual violence (Feb 2012), by Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka and Paula Zillo Orsi.
  • PALOP (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa) Mental Health Implementation Research Training NIMH/ Fogarty Funded collaboration: IPC training for mental health workers in Mozambique, Maputo (March, 2016), by Rosaly F. Braga and Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka.
  • Work in progress:

Grant FAPESP 2012/17485-4

PI: de Mello, M. F.

Task shifting Interpersonal Counseling for depression in primary care: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Submitted at Annals of Family Medicine. (Matsuzaka, C. T. W., M.; Norcini Pala, A.; Hoffmann, E. V.; Coimbra, B. M.; Braga, R. F.; de Mello, M. F.) Student award prize for oral presentation in June, 2015 at the 6th ISIPT Conference, London UK by Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka.

Grant Thematic Project FAPESP 2014/12559-5

PI: de Mello, M. F.

PTSD and neuroprogression. IPT-PTSD in victims of sexual violence: section coordinated by Cecilia Roberti Proença.

Collaborators: Aline Ferri Schoedl, Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka, Cecilia Roberti Proença, Euthymia Brandao de Almeida Prado, Fernando Sargo Lacaz, Janaina Cruz, Luciana Porto,  Rosaly F. Braga, Thays Mello.

We are connected to PROVE-UNIFESP (Violence outpatient’s clinic)

Located in Rua Borges Lagoa, 570, 10o andar, Vila Clementino, Sao Paulo-SP CEP 04038-000

Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka,MD