Next April 7th-8th Dr. Laura Mufson is coming to Madrid for an IPT-A workshop.  It is going to be the first IPT workshop given by an international IPT expert in Spain.  Here is the link for registration:

For those interested in learning IPT in Spanish, there are two books:

– Weissman, M., Markowitz, J. & Klerman, G. (2013). Manual de Psicoterapia Interpersonal. Editorial Grupo 5. Link: It is Weissman´s 2000 IPT guide translation, which was made by my colleague and ISIPT member Josep Sole-Puig.

– Garcia-Sanchez, J. & Palazon-Rodriguez, P (2013). Afronta tu depresion con psicoterapia interpersonal. Guia de autoayuda. 2ª Edicion. Desclee de Brouwer. Link: It is a self-help book, which was prefaced by Dr. Weissman, and which I wrote with my colleague Pepa.

IPT began to be practised in Barcelona by Josep Sole-Puig, who mainly trained residents in psychiatry and he still does in the context of Spanish national health system.

Both my colleague Pepa Palazon and I give workshops for residents in Clinical Psycology of the Servicio Murciano de Salud (which belongs to Spanish national health system). I also collaborate with universities of Murcia and Madrid teaching IPT in master’s degrees of health psychology.

Those interested in knowing about IPT events in Spain can contact me at